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From classic fair rides and glass blowing demonstrations, to the Zerbini Family Circus, or the Rhinestone Roper, the Crawford County Fair has something for everyone!

Circus | Crawford County Fair - Meadville, PA

Zerbini Family Circus

Performing 2 shows on 8/20 and 3 shows daily from 8/21- 8/25. Times to be announced

The Zerbini Family Circus under the big top started in the USA in 1992. Before that time, the Zerbini family of circus performers and owners go back over a century. Originating in France, the Zerbini’s owned circuses throughout Europe and Africa. Julian Zerbini brought his family to the USA in 1968 working as high wire artist in all the top name circuses.

Viewing the circus show, you may see Alain Zerbini performing aerial acts, balancing acts and his favorite, animal acts. The circus travels over 8 months a year and is a favorite at a number of county fairs, such as Moundsville, WV; Lexington, VA; Canton, OH; Harrisonburg, VA; Hilliard OH; Henderson, NC; Meadville, PA, Zanesville, OH; Kirksville, MO. and Sumpter, SC just to name a few. With over a decade behind him traveling from town to town and fair to fair, Alain Zerbini knows what the public likes and makes every effort to bring it to them year after year.

The circus show changes in its entirety every year so they can return to the same towns. Alain Zerbini brings dependability and professionalism with him and prides himself on the cleanliness of the circus, equipment and trucks. When you deal with the Alain Zerbini circus you deal directly with the owner, Alain Zerbini. He controls, oversees and manages all parts of the circus from the time they roll into town till circus day is just a memory.

Mobile Glass Studios Glass Blowing

Mobile Glass Studio

The mobile glassblowing experience brings the artistry and education of glass making beyond the studio walls to your location. Viewers will experience a multitude of information surrounding the lost art of glassblowing.  Glassblowing is an interdisciplinary art form that embodies art, science, math, history, and teamwork.  From glassblowing demonstrations to hands-on workshops, spectators will gain a vast knowledge of the process of manipulating hot glass into various shapes and forms.


Performing 2 shows on 8/20 and 8/21 and 3 shows daily from 8/22- 8/25. Times to be announced

The Rhinestone Roper Show is a death-defying interactive Wild West traveling show, entertaining and thrilling audiences coast-to-coast, border-to-border for over 18 years. The show has it all – intricate trick roping, precision knife throwing and bullwhip cracking, fancy gun spinning and fast-draw shooting. Featured in the show are stunts by amazing trick horses Gypsy Rio and Jesse James. You may have seen them make the Quarter Finals on America’s Got Talent.

Champion showman Dan Mink, The Rhinestone Roper – a true master in “the tools of the cowboy” – has revised the old-fashioned Wild West show, delighting and educating family audiences about a bygone era. His world-class skills, signature cowboy humor, and knowledge of old west lore are woven into a 45-minute show full of music, laughs, and audience participation. Dan, a former chief deputy prosecutor, hails from Jerome, Idaho.

Dan is pleased to introduce his wife Yvonne and daughter Emilee. Yvonne descends from the Mescaloro Apache Nation of New Mexico. She not only performs with ropes, whips, and knives but also shoots aerial targets with a pistol while spinning on the “Wheel of Death.” 14-year-old Emilee surprises audiences as well, with her trick roping and knife throwing.