From classic fair rides and free-on-grounds acts, the Crawford County Fair has something for everyone! The 2019 Fair is proud to present once again The Rhinestone Roper along with the Ninja Experience, and Swifty Swine Racing Pigs.


Performing 2 shows on 8/19 and 8/20 and 3 shows daily on 8/17, 8/18 and 8/21 -24, 2019. Times to be announced

The Rhinestone Roper Show is a death-defying interactive Wild West traveling show, entertaining and thrilling audiences coast-to-coast, border-to-border for over 18 years. The show has it all – intricate trick roping, precision knife throwing and bullwhip cracking, fancy gun spinning and fast-draw shooting. Featured in the show are stunts by amazing trick horses Gypsy Rio and Jesse James. You may have seen them make the Quarter Finals on America’s Got Talent.

Champion showman Dan Mink, The Rhinestone Roper – a true master in “the tools of the cowboy” – has revised the old-fashioned Wild West show, delighting and educating family audiences about a bygone era. His world-class skills, signature cowboy humor, and knowledge of old west lore are woven into a 45-minute show full of music, laughs, and audience participation. Dan, a former chief deputy prosecutor, hails from Jerome, Idaho.

Dan is pleased to introduce his wife Yvonne and daughter Emilee. Yvonne descends from the Mescaloro Apache Nation of New Mexico. She not only performs with ropes, whips, and knives but also shoots aerial targets with a pistol while spinning on the “Wheel of Death.” 14-year-old Emilee surprises audiences as well, with her trick roping and knife throwing.


Swifty Swine Racing Pigs

Performing 3 shows daily. Times to be announced

The little piggies spend their youth at the race track, but never fail to bring home the  bacon. Their careers last a single season, before they eat themselves out of a job. Their known as the Swifty Swine Racing & Swimming  Pigs.  While some little  piggies  hang out in a muddy barn yard getting fat for their trip to the stockyards, Swifty Swine Productions, Racing Pigs are busy shaken the bacon around  a 150 oval track at some of  the nations biggest fairs, festivals, and special events.  These little porkers  pound the turf at a blazing 15 mph., and all for an Oreo  cookie.  The winner gets the cookie,  the loser gets the crumbs.

Surprising to some, these little piggies travel 11 months a year and appear before millions of people. They criss-cross the country in their shiny red trailer equipped with amenities not found in any barnyard. These little superstars, enjoy such luxuries as air-conditioning, heating and their very own piggy potty. There’s even color TV and stereo for the little piggies leisure time.

They are bathed daily by their handlers, and while in training chow down or should we say pig out on high protein pig pellets, keeping them in tip top condition. If this isn’t enough, they are visited promptly  every 30 days by a veterinarian  who checks them  over from snout to tail and updates their travel documents. Their every need is attended to by their handlers who are at their side 24 hours a day.


The Ninja Experience

Performing three shows on Saturdays and Sundays and two shows on Monday through Friday.

Times to be announced.

Prepare yourself for high-flying, jaw dropping, in your face action with the Ninja Experience! This one of a kind stage production will “quench your thirst” for comedy and danger as our ninjas take it to the extreme. Watch in amazement as these top parkour athletes test their strength and agility on our intense obstacle course. Witness stunts only seen on TV – until now – including the dreaded 15 foot warped wall! Become a part of the experience with audience participation and stunts that will have you on the edge of your seat. After the show, meet your favorite Ninjas for photos and autographs – even test your own ninja skills by breaking boards with the team. Visit us online via Facebook and for more information.

Comedic interactions, audience participation, big stunts, special effects, and a hydraulic stage with truss structure make THE NINJA EXPERIENCE a turn key production that people off all ages enjoy!