Online Entry is easy – simply follow the prompts! Follow these step by step instructions.

Here are the general steps to make a Fair account and enter exhibits online.

  • Click on “Been here before” if you are a 4-H member or “New to this site” for all other exhibitors.
  • Start an account by entering an email address – Your account can be an individual or for the whole family.
    • Email address does not need to be valid – just formatted with @ and .com or .net
      • We cannot reset your password if it is not a valid account.
    • If you are a 4-H exhibitor, you will not create an account, instead you will use your 4H Online family login.
  • Click “Register your exhibits” Button.
    • You will see three parts: Exhibitor > Entry > Payment
    • All green buttons are the ones you click on.
  • Click on “Individual” Button.
    • You can add as many individuals under your account as you like children, spouses, grandparents, etc.
    • You will see 5 easy steps on the top of the page to add individuals to your account.
    • Simply follow the prompts.
  • Click “Add an Entry” Button
    • Select the Department you want.
    • Select the Section then – Click “Choose”.
    • Select the Division – Click “Choose” and keep on selecting if there are subdivisions.
      • 4-H and FFA members will need to select a club to be associated with that entry once it is made.
    • Animal entries will have to enter an animal using the “Add an animal” button.
      • 4-H dairy and 4-H livestock members will need to choose an existing 4-H project animal to enter in the classes associated with that animal.
    • At the end of the prompts you will have options to Delete or Edit your entry. Once you “Submit” only the Fair computer staff can Delete and Edit.
    • More to exhibit? – click “Add an Entry” Button
  • When you are done adding your entry(s), click “Continue to payment”.
    • You will see the Exhibitor > Entries > Payment all in green – click continue.
    • Remember NON-ANIMAL ENTRIES DO NOT HAVE PAYMENTS, but you still need to continue through the whole process to the invoice.
  • On the page with the green SUBMIT button please read the information.
    • Records will be locked to editing awaiting manager approval.
    • These will be approved twice a day. If you have clicked “Submitted” and want to add entries or make changes, please try later that day or the next day. Still can’t get access to your entries – call the helpline at (814) 795-5425.
  • Click Dashboard – to review your entries
    • On the dashboard click view “Details”.
      • Animal entries: Please use the enclosed Animal Entry Payment Confirmation form to send to your Department Chairperson with a check made payable to “CRAWFORD COUNTY FAIR” postmarked by July 20, 2018.
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