Online Instructions

Please follow these step by step instructions for a smooth entering process.

  1. Returning Exhibitors:
    1. 4-H Members and Exhibitors that have already made an account
      1. Click on “Been Here Before”
      2. 4-H exhibitors will click on the green 4-H Online Bar and use your 4-H Online family login
      3. Non 4-H exhibitors will input their previous account information below the 4-H Online green bar in the email/password bars
  1. NEW Animal Payment instructions are at the bottom of these instructions.
  1. New Exhibitors who have not made an account:
    1. To Create a Fair account:
      1. Click on “New to Site”
      2. Click on Not in 4-H & need to create a Fairentry account? Below blue “Sign In” Bar
      3. Enter your email address
        1. Which must be formatted with @ and .com or .net
      4. Click Blue “Create Account” Bar
      5. Provide your details (Account name is normally your last name)
      6. Click the Blue “Create Account” Bar
      7. If your email address is not valid you will not be receiving messages from FairEntry or be able to reset your password.
      8. Your account can be for an individual or for the whole family
      9. Click on Green “Begin Registration” Bar
      10. Click on Green “Individual” Bar, Fill in your name click “Continue”
      11. Fill in the Required information Clicking “Continue”
      12. You will have an option if you want to “Register another individual” or “Continue to entries”.
        1. If you “Register another individual” (family member) you will be able to copy their address information.
        2. If you “Continue to Entries”, Click the green “Add an Entry” bar
  2. Entering Exhibits Process:
    1. After you clicked on “Add an Entry”
    2. Select your Department, Section and Subdivisions
    3. 4-H, FFA exhibitors, and Animal exhibitors:
      1. After Selecting your Department, Section and Subdivisions
      2. Look for the button “ADD an Animal”
      3. You have the option of “Entering a new animal” or “Choosing an existing animal”
      4. 4-H Dairy and 4-H Livestock members will choose existing animals.
      5. Fill in all the required animal information
      6. 4-H & FFA exhibitors look to select your club for your project to associate it with your entry
  1. You will be asked to “Review your Selections”, if everything is correct Click “Create entries”, if not cancel
    1. You may be asked “Register your exhibits”, “Create an entry”, “Add an Entry” or “Continue with this invoice” to enter exhibits
    2. You are able to edit your entry any time before you click on the green “SUBMIT” Bar.
    3. Non Animal Exhibitors DO NOT HAVE PAYMENTS (FEES)
      1. You still continue through the whole process to payment (Invoice)
    4. Once you Click “Submit” only the Fair Administrator will be able to edit.
    5. When you are done entering all your exhibits: Click “Continue to payment”
    6. At the top you will see the beginning three Fields (Exhibitor>Entries>Payment)
      1. Exhibitor: Click and you are able to see and edit all your personal information
      2. Entries: Click and you are able to see and edit all your entries
      3. Payment: Click and you will see your invoice with your total animal fees. You also can check out your Summary/Detail
    7. Read this page. If completely done click on “SUBMIT”. Now:
      1. Your account is locked out until the Fair Administrator approves your entry. Your account should be unlocked the next day.
      2. You will get an email when it is approved or rejected.
      3. If you want to REVIEW your entries you can click on the DASHBOARD.
        1. On the Dashboard click “Details” Print out for your records.
  1. ANIMAL Exhibitors PAYMENT:
    1. If paying with a credit card please send just the Animal Entry Payment Confirmation form to the Crawford County Fair Treasurer to the address below.
    2. If paying with a check please send the Animal Entry Payment Confirmation form and the check to the Crawford County Fair Treasurer to the address below.
      1. Crawford County Fair Office: Third Floor Courthouse, 903 Diamond Park Square, Meadville, PA 16335
      2. Checks made payable to “CRAWFORD COUNTY FAIR”
        1. Checks must be postmarked by Friday, July 19, 2019.
      3. Questions: Call the HELPLINE (814) 795-5425
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