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Exhibitor Rules

General Livestock Rules and Regulations

  1. An exhibitor who violates any of the following rules will forfeit all privileges and premiums and be subject to such penalty as the Fair Board may direct.
  2. All exhibits will be under the control and direction of the Fair Board, but the Fair Board will, in no case, be responsible for any consequential or other loss, injury or damage done to, or occasioned by, or arising from any animal or article exhibited by the exhibitor, and for its description as given in the catalog, and shall indemnify the Fair against all legal or other proceedings in regard thereto.
  3. The Fair Board will put forth every effort to protect all exhibits, and a watchman will be provided by the Fair Board where and when deemed necessary for the best interest of the exhibitors. All exhibitors of livestock, (cattle, horse, sheep, swine, poultry, rabbits, goats and other livestock), will be responsible for the care and feeding of the animals.
  4. All exhibitors will register on-line beginning in 2018. Please contact your Department Head if you need help registering.
  5. Prize ribbons and other awards should be displayed during the Fair.
  6. No persons having entered an exhibit for competition will be allowed to make a substitution of animals or otherwise change the entry after five days prior to the opening of the Fair, except as noted in Rule 7.
  7. Exhibits that have been erroneously entered may, at the discretion of the Department Chairperson, be transferred to their proper classes prior to the judging.
  8. Exhibit cards filled in with Animal Name, Address of Owner, Breed of Animal and Age of Animal must be displayed for each pen of animals being exhibited. Please see your Department Head to acquire the exhibit cards needed.
  9. No gambling, immoral exhibitions, intoxicated persons, or any intoxicating beverages or drugs will be allowed on the Fairgrounds.
  10. Smoking in the barns is forbidden and will be rigidly enforced.
  11. The Fair Board reserves the right to amend or add to these rules and regulations as their judgment may determine.
  12. NO PARKING IN FIRE LANES!!! Vehicles WILL be towed away at owner’s expense.
  13. No animals allowed on the grounds other than those being exhibited or for demonstration purposes.
  14. All animals for exhibition, must be in their place with all rubbish and waste cleared away by 6:00 p.m. on Monday of the Fair week (4-H Animals must be in place earlier) and entered in the name of the real owner, to remain on the grounds to the close of the Fair. Animals cannot be removed before 8:00 PM Saturday.
  15. Exhibitors of livestock are requested to decorate their quarters as tastefully as possible, and must keep that part of the building occupied by them neat and attractive in appearance.
  16. Hay, grain, and bedding are to be furnished by the exhibitor. The care of animals and their quarters are the exhibitor’s responsibility.
  17. No persons other than those holding animals being exhibited will be allowed in the show ring during the time of judging, except the judges and officially accredited ring superintendents.
  18. Any false representation, interference or ungentlemanly conduct on the part of the exhibitor will be dealt with by the Fair Board according to the equities of the case.
  19. All protests must be in writing, must state plainly the case of complaint or appeal, and be delivered to the management within six hours after the occasion for such protest.
  20. No appeal of, or appeal from any award based on a statement that the judge overlooked an animal or article will be considered by the Fair Board.
  21. The Fair Board will appoint a veterinarian and assistants as may be necessary.
  22. Upon recommendation of a veterinarian, any animal not in good health may be sent home at any time during the week.
  23. See the beginning of each department for entry fees.
  24. Livestock exhibitors are encouraged to bring feed and supplies at times when admission gates are not busy. Livestock Department persons can purchase FIVE (5) exhibitor passes per farm family to permit entrance to Gate 3 for livestock. Your cooperation will be appreciated.
  25. When on exhibition in the ring, each animal must be under halter and under control of owner or owner’s representative.
  26. When on exhibition in the ring, Junior people showing, the Fair should have people available for assistance.


  1. Premiums will be designated by ribbons: Blue-First; Red-Second; White-Third, etc. Championship-Royal Purple.
  2. Exhibitors will be encouraged to display their prize ribbons or certificates or awards, etc. at their quarters during the entire Fair.
  3. Premiums are payable by bank check.
  4. Premiums will be forfeited unless the correct post office address is given.
  5. Premium checks can be picked up at the Fair office once it is announced they are available.
  6. The Crawford County Fair Board is not responsible for items not picked up. Any unclaimed entries will be disposed of, if not claimed within 30 days after the Fair.

Use Caution When Fitting Your Animals

Be sure to use only grooming products that are approved for use on meat and dairy animals when fitting your animals for show. Unapproved products may contain ingredients that result in unacceptable residues in the meat or milk. If you are not certain that a product is residue safe and approved for use on meat or dairy animals, do not use it! **Important!** If upon slaughter treatment with drugs, biologics, or any chemical from fitting products, is the cause of condemnation of a carcass, the loss of the carcass and any other damages will be borne the exhibitor.

Parking Notice

It is the policy of the Crawford County Fair Board and the Crawford County Commissioners that vehicles parked in designated NO PARKING ZONES will be subject to towing at the discretion of the Fair Board. The NO PARKING ZONES and FIRE LANE ZONES are designated for safety and/or access reasons.

Exhibitors & Vendors with Golf Carts & Recreational Vehicles

Please be smart when operating a Golf Cart or Recreational Vehicles. Anyone caught not following the rules will have their privileges revoked and shall have to remove their Golf Carts/Recreational Vehicles from the Fairgrounds. The use of two (2) wheel-motorized vehicles is prohibited.

  1. Exhibitors and concessionaires must register Golf Carts and Recreational Vehicles. Registration is done in the Fair Security Office from 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM daily.
  2. Operators must be eighteen (18) years of age or older and hold a valid driver’s license.
  3. Registration is done at the Security Office. Tags will be issued when the driver of the vehicle provides the following information:
    1. Driver’s license
    2. Proof of Insurance
    3. Registration fee of $25.00
  4. Must follow specifications per manufacturer for the number of people allowed on the Golf Cart or Recreational Vehicle. This will be enforced.
  5. Golf Carts and Recreational Vehicles are to be used in the operator’s exhibit area(s) only.
  6. The following DO NEED to register their Golf Carts or Recreational Vehicles. No registration fee is charged for these:
    1. Fair Maintenance
    2. Garbage Collectors
    3. Fair Board Members
    4. Masonic Golf Carts
    5. Personal handicap carts
  7. No bicycles are permitted on the Fairgrounds


It shall be the duty of the chairperson of each department, or his/her committee, to assist all exhibitors in properly entering their exhibits. The CHAIR PERSON shall also see that each exhibit meets the requirements as outlined in the catalogue. They shall assist the judges in keeping proper account of awards for premiums and shall certify to the proper officers the validity of all claims.

Judges & Judging

  1. Judges are earnestly requested to familiarize themselves with all the rules and regulations of the Crawford County Fair and to mark especially those rules bearing on the classes adjudicated by them. If any rule lacks clarity, attention should be called to it before judging.
  2. Purebred Dairy Cattle Association Show Ring Code of Ethics will be followed for all youth and open dairy show. Copies available at Extension or the Fair Office.
  3. The judges must not award a prize to any unworthy exhibit. It is the intention of the Crawford County Fair that no premiums or distinction of any kind shall be given to any animal or article that is not deserving. In the event of a premium being withheld from any exhibit for that reason, the judge will write “Not Worthy” in award column opposite such entry. In case there is no competition in a class they will award a premium to the merit of the animal or article as in their judgment the article or animal deserve.
  4. If an exhibitor in any way, whether in person or by agent, interferes with the judge during the adjudication, or shows any disrespect to a judge, he may exclude him from competition and from the ring and may also with- hold from such exhibitor any premiums that may have been awarded.
  5. The decision of the judge shall be final in all cases except where mistake, fraud, misrepresentation or collusion, not discovered at the time of the award, is proven. In such cases, the Fair Board, or such referee as the Fair Board may select, shall decide, from whose decision there can be no appeal.
  6. As far as possible the single judge system will rule and great care will be taken to select only those who are qualified.
  7. Judges will receive their books from the Secretary and when the award is completed, the books must be returned to her at once.

Returning animals to your herd

Any animals that have been outside your herd should be isolated from the other animals for 30 days. This will allow time for symptoms to surface. Dairy cattle, beef cattle, swine, sheep, horses, and goats will be released at 8:00 p.m. on Saturday, except market sale livestock which will be released Saturday morning. Rabbits, chickens, ducks, geese and pigeons will be released Sunday morning.

PA Health Rules

The Health Rules for the Crawford County Fair have been updated to keep everyone safe. These are in addition to the requirements set forth by the PA Department of Agriculture. If you have questions, please contact the appropriate Department Head.

Failure to follow the requirements for exhibition included may result in loss of Commonwealth funding, and require animal testing and quarantine of animals at the exhibition by the Department. Use the link below for information on any additional health requirements of the Crawford County Fair.

PA Animal Health Rules

Camping Rules

View Camping page for more information

Pets on the Fairground Rules

No pets of any kind are allowed on the premises of the Crawford County Fairgrounds. The only exceptions are as follows:

  1. As a part of an approved entertainment program (such as Circus, etc.) or part of an exhibition or competition (such as Livestock and 4-H events) remaining only in the designated areas, meeting applicable health and legal requirements, including the proper insurance as required by the Crawford County Fair Board. All animals must remain under the control of the exhibitor at all times.
  2. As service animals or service animals in training, properly restrained and identified and current with rabies vaccination.
  3. Vendors and Exhibitors are discouraged but allowed to have their pets at their camping site approved by the Crawford County Fair Board and only if the following conditions are met:
    1. Animal should always be under control and restricted to the camping site that has been leased.
    2. All necessary health and legal requirements must be met (such as identification on the pet, all pets must be current on the rabies vaccination and must be registered with the Crawford County Fair).
    3. Failure to register your pet and provide proper rabies information, you will be asked to remove your pet from the fairgrounds property immediately.
    4. Animal must be provided with a cool shaded area, be protected from inclement weather, provided with fresh water, and never left in a parked automobile on the Crawford County Fairgrounds.
    5. All pet owners/caretakers must pick up their animal’s waste and keep their campsite free of feces so that no odor bothers adjacent campsites, and they must dispose of waste in a proper trash container.
    6. No one may parade or walk the animal throughout the exhibits, booths, barns, food areas or other Fairground areas.
  4. Any persons knowingly keeping a vicious animal must take every precaution to protect anyone from becoming injured from this animal, including caging and muzzling your animal to protect the public. The owner/caretaker takes full liability of keeping a vicious animal in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
  5. The Crawford County Fair Board reserves the right to have an animal removed from the premises in the event that the above conditions are not met or the animal is perceived to pose a threat or unreasonable inconvenience to Fair patrons.

Pet Registration Form

Please click the button below to download, print, fill out, and mail in.

Pet registration form

General Rules

Click here to download your copy of the Crawford County General Rules